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PR service that integrates Public Relations and Marketing Strategies, Corporate Identity and Branding, Integrated Marketing Communication and Consultancy, Brand and Business Management Consultancy, Brand Communication, Social Media Management, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Advertising Media Planning and Purchasing

Hello, We contacted you to reach those who want to buy a house by using our TARGETED and REAL marketing technology in digital media advertising and to increase your market share by differentiating from your strong competitors who are currently attacking with advertising campaigns. In general, we would like to share ourselves below: What We Do? Turkey and / or selected in each country (nationwide, local, local area, the location you specify) for you to determine which keywords and online related to the field search (scan) is made, targeted and willing we reach needy directly to pinpoint customers. . How do we do? We catch the customer with two methods .. 1. We listen and catch the keywords determined in the speeches made in environments where phones, tablets, smart TVs and computers are located. Regardless of the country and language, we scan the keywords by means of applications (whatsapp, snapchat, instagram, TikTok, etc.) that are installed on the devices and automatically obtain the microphone permission for the device. It is sufficient that the device is on or in sleep mode. 2. When the keywords determined on the internet sites and in the Google search engine are searched by the customer, we quickly collect the personal information and create data. And we instantly upload it to our CRM software How Do We Talk to the Customer? We show the advertising materials, graphic design one page and video works prepared on the data consisting of all received data to the willing and needy customer mentioned above in all the selected channels at that moment or when he / she gets his first phone or when he / she is in front of the computer screen INSTANTLY. We save the customer information received by our team in the data pool. After this stage, we activate two alternative sales methods or advertising campaigns that will be selected according to your request and the stage to be made, and we carry out guerrilla marketing. 1. You can request that the sales to the targeted potential customers are carried out by our call center team in the language of the candidates. In this case, the customer is contacted through all channels and we receive all relevant information to make the sale and send it to you. With the confirmation received from you, our team also performs the sale. Thanks to our CRM program, you can follow all customers in detail from the beginning of communication to the sales stage, to the moment when the after-sales service is provided and terminated. 2. You make the sale with your own team. We share with you the customer data we uploaded to the CRM program. In this case, you can continue to use the program with the admin password in the space we reserved. 3. By simply displaying, we direct you directly to your site or social media page and fill in a form or questionnaire there if you want, and you also get in touch. In this way, you can both increase your traffic and turn it into sales and obtain customer data.